Monday, May 28, 2012

A Miraculous Survival in a World Gone Wrong

By Heather Mathews for PPSIMMONS         

 This world is getting crazier and crazier.

There have been several stories in the media over the last few years about pregnant women, whether innocently going about their business or being somewhere she likely shouldn’t have been, being unfortunate enough to run into someone who doesn’t quite have their head screwed on straight.  These poor women, whether being naïve in their choice of friends or wrongly trusting a stranger who seemed to have their best interests, end up at the receiving end of a brutal attack that puts them in danger of the loss of life and limb, and often the innocent inside them.  Sometimes it is by the very person who is supposed to help protect that innocent.

That’s why today’s news headline, “Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby Survive Being Abducted, Set on Fire, Shot,”1, 2 is by turns shocking but comforting, discouraging yet hopeful.

The young mother-to-be from Warren, Michigan, after what could only be described as a “date” with her ex-boyfriend (and father of her baby,) dropped the man (if that is what you would want to continue calling him) off at his new girlfriend’s house.  Once inside the garage, she was grabbed by the throat, a gun to her head, and forced to the ground.  Her mouth, hands, and feet were duct-taped and she was blindfolded.  Thrown back into the car and driven to an alley in Detroit, she was told that ‘she knows why’ this was being done to her and asked how far along she was before being set on fire; after managing to put the fire out herself by rolling on the ground, the male assailant shot her in the back.  He took off on foot as the nine-month-pregnant woman played dead.  She got up and drove herself to her mother’s house in Detroit, where she was then taken to a hospital.

That both mother and baby are healthy and expected to survive is nothing short of a miracle.

It does, however, bring up an interesting point about how the liberal-biased media is unable to decide, like their Messiah King Obama, whether or not the unborn are babies with a right to life or a parasite that can be killed up to the moment of birth (see previous post, Obama a Hypocrite on Abortion... Oh, the Irony.)

Commenter “A.D. Roach” seems to have summed it up best:

“So glad to hear of her miraculous escape, and that she and the BABY are going to be ok! However, I thought what she has in her womb is merely a fetal non-person, not a “baby.” It is definitely disingenuous for so many in the news and entertainment media to keep rejoicing over “baby bumps” and the survival of an “unborn baby” while at the same time proclaiming women’s rights to unlimited abortions. So, was this an “unborn baby” who “survived,” or was it a non-personal pre-born fetus without any legitimate expectancy or right to life? Had the “unborn baby” died but the mother did not, would the kidnapper be guilty of murder, or would he only be guilty of performing an abortion without a license? Since apparently the objective of the kidnapping was to prevent another “inconvenient” birth was he not attempting to save the woman and society from having to raise another “unwanted child?…”3

I think that in any case, this woman should be thankful the Lord was watching out for her and her child, and that maybe she should take it not only as a sign of that, but perhaps also a warning that she should be a little more selective regarding a future husband- someone who will be more likely to live his life justified and sanctified.

3 Ibid

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