Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Angel Talks Mother out of Killing Child in Abortion Clinic - AMAZING True Story

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I was only 17 1/2 years when I first became pregnant. All of my friends, my mom, and my boyfriend wanted me to have an abortion. I really didn't want to, but everyone kept telling me it was the only logical thing to do. So I went out, got emergency “Medi-Cal”, and made an appointment with an abortion doctor. He told me that I was so far along, and that the baby was so big, I'd have to have a saline abortion. (That's where they inject the placenta with saline and kill the unborn baby before they can vacuum it out. Often times they have to dismember the baby to get it out of the birth canal.) I made my appointment to have the abortion and left.

A few weeks later I was in the same office waiting to be called back into the operating room to have my abortion. I was sitting right up front next to the reception window. There was a row of people to my left waiting in the same room with me. A woman opened the door to the clinic, walked past the whole row of people to my left and walked right up to me. She was pushing a stroller and turned the stroller around so that the beautiful baby in the stroller would face me. The lady looked at me and asked me: "Is this where I come to get my baby her vaccinations?" I looked back at her and said: "Lady - have you got the wrong building, they don't care for babies here, they take their lives." To which she gave me a gruesome look and left. I walked to the receptionist and cancelled my appointment, and ran out after the woman. When I got outside she was nowhere in sight. I looked up and down both sides of the street but she was nowhere, she just vanished. There was no parking on that street so she couldn't have gotten in a car, and no other offices or buildings she could have walked into.

Anyway I got onto a bus and went home. My mom and my friends were ashamed of me, and told me I was stupid. But April 16 the following year I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I thank GOD in heaven for sending that lady into the abortion clinic that day. People I've told this story to have assumed the lady and her baby were Angels. That's what I think too. I'm just so grateful that I never had that abortion.

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  1. I experienced a personal expierence where I believe it was, my guardian angel protected me from an open theft at the gym where they broke into it with bricks and stones, and I heard an angelic voice from heaven telling me not to go to the gym, or telling me: "Whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO THE GYM."