Sunday, October 2, 2011

Canadian woman chooses life against doctor's advice with no regrets

Reggie and I had discussed starting a family together. Soon after this discussion I found out I was pregnant. We were so excited! I went to my first doctor appointment with Reggie's mom and the doctor's first question was "are you wanting to schedule an abortion". I was shocked because it was very apparent that both my mother-in-law and I were very happy about my pregnancy. Needless to say my mother-in-law arranged to have me registered at her family doctor's office and I never looked back.

During my first trimester I experienced some complications and after a visit to the emergency room I was told that I had an "implantation Bleed" We were told that we had a "threatened miscarriage". Reggie and I wanted to have this baby so badly that we decided I would do absolutely nothing for the following month - feet up - rest and pray that I would not miscarry.
At my follow-up appointment we were told that our pregnancy was normal and there was no longer a threat regarding the implantation bleed. Phew!

We were scheduled an ultrasound and excited to get an opportunity to see this little miracle. While at our ultrasound appointment the technician had noticed a "flicker" in the heartbeat. She seemed a little stumped and called for another doctor to join her in our room. He seemed concerned and scheduled us for an ultrasound in London.

At that point Reggie and I were both feeling overwhelmed. We had already been through a miscarriage scare and now told that there was an abnormality in the baby's ultrasound? Still hopeful and very much in love with baby we travelled to London back and fourth for what I remember to be around 4 times - all consisting of confusion about this "flicker" in baby's heartbeat. One of these trips to London was regarding an abnormality in my gynecological exam showing abnormal cells in my cervix that could possibly be cancerous. All the while I felt only one concern and it wasn't for my own behalf but for this baby that Reggie and I already claimed our own and had been determined to be a boy!

Since nothing could be done about the possibility of the cells being cancerous until after baby boy was born the focus returned to the "flicker" in his heartbeat. We were called to attend another ultrasound and meeting with doctors in London. During this meeting the doctors (there were three) told us the concern regarding the "flicker" was that our baby boy (who's name we decided was Haydn) had a high percentage of being born with some kind of abnormality (undetermined). In all of their doctor language and medical terminology we were handed a pager, asked to go and get some lunch and encouraged to decide upon termination of our pregnancy.

Reggie and I headed down to the cafeteria, sat down, and immediately decided that there was no room for discussion. Haydn was a gift to us from God and we were going to treasure that gift and love him, regardless.

On November 14, 2002, Haydn was born - a healthy 7lb, 11 oz baby boy. At his follow up doctor's appointments no abnormalities were ever discovered. Now almost 9 years old, Haydn is a wonderful, smart, kind, loving, amazing little boy and he is the reason - everyday - why I am pro-life.

Oh, and regarding the abnormal cells in my cervix (thought to be cancerous). After Haydn was born I was scheduled an appointment in London to be tested again, the results came back that there were NO abnormal cells remaining. God is good. If we trust in Him, believe in Him and go to Him He promises good results and faithfulness to His people.

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