Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy a joyful thing - especially in God's timing

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a while. It wasn't yet at a point where we were concerned, but it was getting tiring to keep seeing negative tests. We kept reminding ourselves that this wasn't going to happen on our schedule, but in God's perfect timing.

My mother came for a visit. Upon "happening" on a pregnancy test still in its box in our bathroom cabinet we spilled the beans that we were trying for a second child. Of course, you know how Moms are, and it was the highlight of her visit, and topic of conversation from there on out and she was CONVINCED that I was pregnant then despite me having a negative test just a few days before.

After a day of shopping, we all ended up at a local Chinese restaurant. Of course with Mom, the conversation turned to granbabies. "What names do you like?" "Do you think you will have a boy or girl?" At that point though, we really got into the conversation and got stuck on names. Both my husband and I emphatically agreed that we wanted our child to have a strong Biblical name. I stated that I really wanted "Grace" as part of the name if we had a girl. I knew I wanted this because without God's grace, where would we be? It is vital, and such a blessing. I also felt compelled to have that because as a child I always remembered my Mom singing "Amazing Grace" to me and of course that's always been a special song because of that. My husband piped in the conversation that he wanted her to be named "Abigail Grace". We agreed that was a beautiful name and decided on that if we had a girl.

At the end of an enjoyable meal, we got the normal fortune cookies. We had literally spent the entire meal talking about babies. Now I want to say that I do not put any stock into fortunes, or any similar things. I do however believe that God has a sense of humor, and that sometimes he literally "writes it down" for you! My Mom was first to open her cookie, and her fortune said, "An unexpected event will make your life more exciting." Of course, she proclaimed "see I told you!". My husband was next with opening his which said, "A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share". Admitting this was a bit odd, I opened mine. To my surprise, mine stated, "Good things come in small packages. One is coming to you."

Now of course my Mom's insistence that I was pregnant was in full swing. I ended up taking another pregnancy test after that, and to no surprise of my Mom, it was positive. We later looked up the name "Abigail" which had seemingly just "popped" in my husband's head during our lunch. Come to find out that Abigail means "Father's joy". Our blessing seemingly fell into place completely. We got to share a great memory with my Mom, we literally had a wonderfully powerful Biblical name handed to us, and I think God got to have a laugh while doing all of this.

Abigail Grace was born on February 11, 2011. A beautiful, and happy baby girl. We did save those "fortunes" and they are now saved in her baby book as a reminder to us to always be on the look out for different ways that God might speak to you.

So even when things seem like God may not be listening to your prayers, remember it is all in his timing. He has not forgotten any of his children. Never be deaf to things that God might be telling you either, you never know the ways that he will choose to get the message across!

This story was true. The author can be reached at their website. You can also get great maternity items at our gift shop. God bless you.

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