Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy improbable - then God stepped in

I never thought I could have kids. I had an ovary removed when I was 3 due to a large cyst. When we decided to have a child, I was skeptical. When I did become pregnant, I was astounded! My one ovary apparently was a "double barrel" shotgun! I was carrying twins!
I already knew one was a boy because the Lord told my husband "I have already named him Joshua for the Lord will provide." He did. I had so much stuff I was giving things away (new) 3 years later.
My other baby was a girl--the perfect instant family. We have had our ups and downs as a family, and I have had episodes where I thought I was not good enough for them. One night, around 1 am, I was getting ready to leave my house. I believed they would be better off without me.
At the moment I was getting ready to go, my son Josh; age 4, got up and said to me "Don't go Mommy. We Need you. Come lay down with me." Now how did he know??
I have had many encounters like this, when I was in my teens and well afterward.
Latest one, again, I was feeling depressed and thinking I can't take this anymore. I actually was going to go in the garage, turn the car on and close the windows. (Am I under attack?? Certainly) Praying Ps 91 and Eph 6 daily!!
My son, now 22, comes in and shows me some videos about what's going on in the world, NWO, Elenin, Bible teachings and so forth.
I forgot I was depressed. We watched these videos and discussed them and how awesome God is.
Needless to say, my children have saved my life; particularly my son. My daughter, Jordan, is a jewel. She lives in Kansas now and goes to school.
I am very close to both of them. They both trust in the Lord as Savior as does their father.
Blessings, Diane Audette

This was a true story. The author can be reached at her website. Please visit our gift shop as well.

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