Monday, December 10, 2012

Group Plans Christmas Party To Promote Abortion

Western Center for Journalism - As Christians around the world take time to remember the miraculous birth of Jesus, a Washington, D.C., group will be raising money at its Christmas party to help make any birth a miracle.
The D.C. Abortion Fund doesn’t hide its cause. If not apparent enough from its name, the group’s website explains it “makes grants to women … who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion,” noting its volunteer staff members “hope to make ‘choice’ a reality because [they] believe that a woman’s right to healthcare should not depend on her wallet.”
Representing the only D.C.-based organization dedicated solely to paying for abortions, the D.C. Abortion Fund is calling its “Peace, Joy and Choice Winter Holiday Party” the “hottest party of the holiday season.”
Not only does the cost of admission add cash to its war chest, the group states “5% of all drink orders go to support our work (in case you needed another reason to toss a few back) … so bottoms up for choice!”
To be fair, this is certainly not the first time an abortion group has hijacked a holiday for its own gain. The D.C. Abortion Fund is obviously just following in the footsteps of Planned Parenthood – a heavyweight among the baby murder crowd.
The group infamously offered Black Friday discounts and, most insensitively, those who make money by preventing motherhood organized fundraisers specifically for Mother’s Day!
Still, a one-issue group like the D.C. Abortion Fund piggybacking on the spirit of giving associated with Christmas is particularly offensive.
Even a secular view of Christ’s birth must concede the impact one life can have. We will never know the contribution millions of Americans might have made were their lives not prematurely snuffed out by these defenders of “choice.”

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